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Craft Project #1 – Asteria’s Gift


1 sheet black paper

1 pin

1 lamp, shade optional

1 small ball or orb, 3-5 inches in diameter


Take a sheet of jet-black paper

and a pin.

Poke holes in the dark page.

Random pinholes are fine,

but you could also make patterns if you like—

the outline of a woman

with a sword,

a chariot,

or an octopus,

a cat, perhaps,

or a unicorn

or even a unicorn cat

with laser beams shooting evil

a manatee or cow or crow or

in-flight eagle or wren

a dog, a baby, a minotaur

a crab, lobster, a two-headed seahorse

with a whip—

there’s room for tens or hundreds or even

many more than that.

Now, set up the bright lamp on that

high dresser behind you

or on a table while you are sitting on the floor.

Turn it on and let it burn,

remove the shade if the light isn’t brilliant enough.

Let it shine all over the room.

Next, bend your pitch black

pin-pricked paper gently.

Don’t fold it, for God’s sake!

Gently bend it over that small ball.

Hold each edge—one with thumb

and one with middle finger—

at the halfway point of the small sphere

so the sable paper arches over one half of the orb.

Hold the paper-covered side of the globe up to the brilliant light.

Then peek over the paper,

peer over its edge,

the rim of darkness,

and see me sitting far, far below

in an Adirondack chair

on a pitch black beach,

my feet buried in the cold sand

in front of the waning embers of

a fire,

staring up,


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