From the Introduction:


In college, I was a double major in Literary Criticism and Creative Writing. At my school, for each major you had, you had to also have a minor. So, always the optimist, for my Creative Writing degree I majored in short story writing and minored in poetry. I loved it, but mostly because no one in that department was really paying attention to my grammar.

From White Mushrooms:


This year, the first snow of December

came earlier and heavier

than many of us can remember.

Rounded piles of snow built up on

picnic tables

trash cans,

forgotten garden gnomes,

little, decorative shrubs

planted and pampered

through long, humid

summer days

buried now


white mushrooms.

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Other Collections Forthcoming...

My original idea to create another collection called "So Many Fishes" with the poems I had left over from my first collection ran up against the newer poems I was writing that were also looking for a place to live. After a lot of sorting and soul searching, I have organized the now 109 poems I have sitting on my drive into three possible collections: "So Many Fishes," "In the Ward," and "Part-time Harlequin." (There are all just working titles.) I'm not sure, at this point, which one I will give preference to or if they will all develop at their own pace. We shall see.

I also, as you have seen if you are a reader of the blog, a guy who likes a good visual. I mocked up a cover for "So Many Fishes" a while ago and will probably do the same for the other two. It's a way to help me think and focus on the larger picture of the collections. I'm not going to say that 2021 is the year when I tackle/struggle with curating, but it feels like that. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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