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Spring Along a River

(from the NaPoWriMo prompt: write a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music.)[So, two things: 1) a friend asked me the other day about my poems being "done enough" to publish like I am doing here, whether or not I should revise more. My answer: writing is never perfect, usually or especially to the person writing it. It will always need, deserve, beg for, and—most interestingly—fight revision. That's the fun part. The poems that I put out into the world often get revised later. Today, this poem is as it is today. Is it the best I can do? Yes, for today in the circumstances I find myself and my somewhat addled brain. I don't typically add poems here that I am deeply unsatisfied with, but most poems here could use a few more moments in the Revision Universe for me to tinker with. 2) This prompt was a long shot for me because of my relationship with music. I was also working on something else that I was enjoying. Here is my something else.]

Rivers move in many ways

downstream and through

a thousand rivulets at the

shallow, grass-covered bank

into eddies and tidepools

and bogs in low lying lands

that trap the water’s surging

between tall trees to stagnate

and breed tadpoles and midges

and larvae by the millions.

It does not care for my bridge

or road or tended lawn or garden

because in the spring, the river swells

and races, excavates deep and

seeps out wide, clears itself of all the

detritus of a year and a life.

Finally, I know that my finger is in the picture. Arrgh, blast my finger! I will put a better picture in when I get it.

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