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When It is All Working

(from the NaPoWriMo prompt: write a poem about a specific place.) <Perhaps dinner is not a place to most, but when you don't really grow up with one brick-and-mortar home, dinner works most days.>

I made dinner tonight

that had fresh lettuces and red peppers

and cucumbers

with a steak

that had not been frozen

and did not require a sauce

and my former student was giving

a concert online to benefit

so many somewhere else

and I made a martini with vermouth

because that is the way 

it is supposed to be

and the steak came out right

and the lettuce wasn’t wilted

and the potatoes were creamy

and the kitchen was cleaned

as I went

and all around the house, spring migrating birds

swung in and out of the feeders

and deer walked through the yard

where a couple of turkeys had just pondered

spring grass.

Dinner time during the End of Days can be


when it is all working.

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