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The White One

(from the NaPoWriMo prompt: write something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time. Perhaps, as you do, you can focus on imagery, or sound, or emotional content (or all three!))

The doctor explained,

the white one would go

in first before the blue one.

And then he slipped

the white one, the one to

make her sleep, in.

There were children everywhere

squealing, shouting, pointing

at a cage just

at their eye level.

A fuzzy basset thing

Gizmo bouncy

and happy to see

all the screaming kids,

but when I straightened up

I saw two bright eyes

with a white stripe between

them all resting royally

on two white paws.

She lowered her eyes

which said to me,

I know the one below

me is cuter. You can

look away.

Then she was chewing

a hole in the window sill

of our first rental place

when you were finishing

your Master degree and

I was learning how smart

she was.

And then she was running

down East Beach when

we drove to Galveston and

she drank so much salt

water she puked on my

towel for the rest of the day

and I worried she would

get dehydrated from fun.

She spent a night with me

on a lounger on a dock

on Douglas Lake

beneath the aurora borealis

and she learned to love

her grandmother after

she moved to Chicago

and her sister when

we got drunk and thought,

Why not another one?

And our walks got slower

and the white fur around

her nose spread against

the field of her jet black self

and her eyes dulled

and her spleen failed

and the white one

made her so drowsy

she forget to breath.

All that was left was

the blue one that

would not be needed

and three little puffs

of air escaping her

mouth like three soft

gun shots.

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