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The Hardest Part...

The hardest part of writing is writing. I knew that this blog would challenge me, but why was I so out of my mind that I thought I could make it through May writing every day when it is the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! Everything is crazy in May. And then June is sleeping. Oh well, I shall slog on…

The April Poetry Challenge is still not finished, but I only have two more poems to write. I am quite conflicted about this writing-to-a-prompt thing, especially as I am trying to put together the collection. It feels very much like “getting on message,” “getting off message,” “getting on message,” and so on… What I am actually come to terms with is that I think the poems I am working with right now fit into at least two different collections. This work is like the celery you bite into at a party right before someone starts talking to you and instead of it being that tender, lovely celery, it is the stringy, grows-in-your-mouth-the-longer-you-chew kind of celery and you’re chewing and chewing and chewing…

Right now I am working with three different themes from the—I’m just going to call them a group—group of poems: loss & love, bicoastalness, and words. (Can “words” be a theme?) Let’s call that last one “words & language.” I think the plan for this week will be to try to organize them into these three groupings. Maybe the groupings will help me figure out the collections? Cross your fingers for me.

Spring tends to be brown and then gray on the east side of the lake...

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