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(from NaPoWriMo prompt: write a poem that “talks.”)

Good morning! How did you sleep?


I’m going to fill the bird feeders this morning and I’ve got to get one thing done for school so I can get that off my mind. Did you call your brother about this summer. Do they know when they are going to be here? Then I thought maybe we could go into Holland. I want to see if that antique place has anything good.

Which antique place?

The one where not everything is an antique. The one with the round mirror made out of drumsticks.

The mirror is made out of drumsticks?

Ugh, you know what I mean! I thought it would look good in the upstairs bathroom. We could get lunch at that new brewery I was telling you about.


What’s on your list for today?

I’m trying to finish this poem.

Oh, yeah, that’s great. Then, when you’re done we can go into Holland. We should get a list together for the store too. Put berries on the list because we have that yogurt we need to finish up and I thought we could have it for breakfast tomorrow. Do you want some more coffee?

Yes, please.

Are you hungry? ‘Cause I thought we could have some ramen the way you make it with the egg for breakfast before we go. Ok, I’m going to get in the shower and then we can eat and go.

Honey, is drumstick one word or two? Or hyphenated?

Oh, ummm, I think it’s one?

Ok, thanks.

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