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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

(Here is my official return to focusing on So Many Fishes, a collection I am trying to finish by December. Thanks for reading!)

I can hear my blue jay screech and

my robins twirl whistle.

I can hear my red-bellied woodpecker

assiduously hammering in a tall, thin Sassafras

and my newly discovered clutch of Tufted Titmice

pete-pete-pete-ing away while

and some ardent Purple Finch

who is all about the business

cyclone trills

from the branch of an old oak.

And there, behind it all,

on this clear, early summer morning,

I can hear a surprise gift—

the long call, a deep mournful note

waving over the cool air

as somewhere distant

a train announces

its arrival into town.

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